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The Demons of Charmed


The Demonology is here! This is going to be your reference for most of the Demons, Warlocks, Ghosts, and other spirits viewed on Charmed. But right now the information is still being compiled. But don't worry-you wont have to keep on coming back, there'll be a specific post on the Home Page when the info starts coming in!

Arrived late to Charmed~as in this season? Well, here's some Demonic info for ya~The Charmed One's beloved sister Prue was killed by a Demon-Shax, the Source's personal Assasin.
Not to mention their mother Patty was also killed by a Demon about thirty years ago when Prue, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige were very young~by a Water Demon~a demon so vile, who kills by drowning a person from the inside!!!

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