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The Sixth Season
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The Sixth Season has yet to fall upon's a tiny outline...
~Keep coming back for more!~


This is a page that was dedicated to the fifth season, and now the sixth. This page is currently under construction, but keep comin back for new details until the night of the premiere!
Spoilers available below, linked to


Season Premiere Trailer

Returning Series
Hour Drama
Sundays 8/7c

Bound by bloodline and their inescapable destiny, the sisters have found it increasingly hard to have any kind of a life (love, social or otherwise), and maintain a low profile. Flirting with danger has always been part of the job, but now Phoebe and Paige amp up the sex appeal even more - if such a thing is possible - to find themselves some soulmates. Not to be a party pooper, but can Piper balance the role of single mother on top of her good-witch duties while her sisters play? Or will the power of three begin to weaken? Questions even tougher to answer when a handsome new stranger descends on the manor.

From executive producers Aaron Spelling, E. Duke Vincent and Brad Kern with Spelling Television.



So you've been waiting and waiting for news about the sixth season of Charmed since May, haven't you? You've probably traveled to different sites and have gotten some 411 on the premiere, so i'll just give you the vital stuff.

Firstly, Phoebe will be recieving a new power, and that power will be the power to pick up on people's emotions before they even can.

Secondly, Paige will give up her carefree lifestyle, and go back to being in the career world, as well as being now a part-time witch, instead of full-time.

Piper will strugle with becoming a single mother and being a witch. People think that Leo has died, but he hasn't. Also, it's Piper who makes the decision that Leo should completly stay out of their lives, and pass on vital information to new whitelighter Chris. She wants this so she can learn how to live without it looks like the end of their marrige...for now atleast,  since she begins dating again, so we don't know how baby Wyatt will like the prospect of his daddy being "replaced" (Hint hint!!)

Baby Wyatt will show an interesting display of powers as the season progresses; in the second episode of the season, entitled "Forget Me Not", Wyatt will display two interesting new powers.

Chris, as it turns out, sent Leo to the plane of Valhalla, a "Hall of Fame" to fallen Hero-warriors, where the Norse Gods rule. The Charmed Ones will be able to save him, but certain sacrifices may be made. Leo will become more and more suspicious of Chris, as will baby Wyatt.

That's all for now, Keep coming back for more, and News and Gossip will come back to life some time after the Sixth Season begins. A Spoiler Link is way down below, as well as in Episode Weekly.


Episode Haunters Finally Re-Opened!

We all love to try on/borrow family's clothing, but in Charmed, you should always ask...because if you know in Charmed, anything is possible...even if you try on shoes, there could be a being catapulted into the 60's...welcome to the witchstock.

~ Witchstock