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A Charmed Page-This website that is all about the hit tv series Charmed~
Look above at the date and time to see when the site was last updated!
Home Board Last updated: 7/12/04
Plus: Home Board Pictures rearranged! Look all around!

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This Week/and Next Week On Charmed:
"Hyde School Reunion"
>Site has been updated! Read the bullets below!
Check Episode Weekly for the deetZ...PS new trailers now available in A Charmed Look...PPS new trailer info down below!
Sorry about the long hiatus - the site is back!

Welcome to my Charmed site! As most of you know, this is my site all about Charmed. Visit and i hope you tell others about it. Some of my friends know, and i hope you tell your friends about it to. Enjoy!

Updated Stuff(-> means just updated. Five to six bullets are kept in the updated area until another is...then the last bullet is taken down, or put in the area below. (* Means just added/new):
Trailers: Dream Spell in Episode Weekly and A Charmed Look, as is Special Delivery-which, not only is in the regular two pages but also in The Fifth Season Page!
For Updated Trailer info look at "Trailer News" on this page!
Everything on the site is currently being updated!
Holly Marie Combs is pregnant! Read the news and gossip for more!
Many pages are being deleted due to many different reasons.
The main reason is that we, the web-builders, feel that some pages are not needed, and we would just like to have this Charmed site as a "stop"-by, cool link to give you spoilers, news on the girls, background on the show, and previews.
After three years of building this site, we feel that this format will be the most "Charming"!

Where is The Demonology? Lookee in News & Gossip for details...


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Starting Tuesday, September 3rd, Charmed will air at 9 a.m, 5 p.m, and 10 p.m. On regular days, episodes from season 1-4, and Tuesdays at 10 will have a repeat of what episode aired Sunday at 8 p.m
To see the rest of the TNT listings for Charmed click below..

TNT Charmed Listings

Trailer News...
Episode Trailers now available! Look in the Episode Weekly area, for upcoming episode trailers, and in A Charmed Look, for the rest of Seasons 3, 4, and 5 trailers. Also, Season 2 trailers are on their way!