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The History

The History of Charmed.



Here is a page where you can find the whole story on Charmed. Enjoy!


Prue, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell are witches. Real life flesh-and-blood spell-casting Wiccans of the modern world.

Theyve only known they were witches for a couple years and it hasnt been easy adjusting to the supernatural world. Once the three sisters gained their powers, demons literally came out of the woodwork trying to bring an end to The Charmed Ones.

It all started when the sisters reunited in the Victorian home they all grew up in and Phoebe found the Book of Shadows. This book of spells was passed down from their grandmother who took care of them after their mother died. Coming from a long line of witches their grandmother knew the girls destiny would bring danger. So, their grandmother bound their powers until the full moon when they would be reunited as women. On that mysterious night Phoebe unwittingly read a spell out loud and in a blinding flash Prue, Piper and Phoebe were granted supernatural powers.

Acquiring their powers as adults meant the sisters were a little rusty with their craft. While perfecting their powers and fighting off evil the sisters have learned a lot of everyday ordinary lessons. Like, never try to use your power for personal gain, revenge or to punish the guilty. In the Wiccan world, selfish supernatural acts always manage to come back at you in an evil way.

Sure, it might be great to have the power to move things, see into the future or freeze time-but at what price? Juggling their supernatural lives with their mortal lives has proved challenging. How can you focus on your career when paintings start to come to life, patrons are turning into animals and evil is lurking around every corner? Regardless of their supernatural stumbling blocks, somehow the Halliwell sisters have managed to carve out their niche in the working world. Prue is an up-and-coming freelance photographer and Phoebe has traded in her penniless carefree lifestyle for a higher education. Meanwhile, Piper owns and runs a little night club called P3 that books some great musical guest star performances.

Unfortunately, maintaining a love life in their Wiccan world is also tough, especially if you fall for ghosts and immortal black and white movie characters that come to life. Things can get unusually complicated when a witch and a Whitelighter fall in love. Leo is the Whitelighter for The Charmed Ones, kind of a supernatural mentor and protector. The romance between Leo and Piper defies the rules of the supernatural world, but that doesnt stop them from trying to be together. And last season, we all saw The Wedding of Piper and Leo. 

Now, this season, the unthinkable has happened: The Power of Three is broken forever when Prue is killed by a demon named Shax. The sisters find renewed faith in an unexpected revelation: their long-lost half sister Paige Matthews, who is mysteriously drawn to Prue's funeral. Paige, the daughter of the sister's mother and a Whitelighter, possesses the power of telekinesis and the ability to orb in and out of dimensions, and is the one person who can unite the three to their former Wiccan glory.
And so begins the next chapter, with the sisters teaching Paige all that she can be, as a witch, and while at that, she quickly becomes their beloved new sister.
Piper reluctantly accepts the new role of the eldest sister, while maintaining her new abiltity to explode objects or evil at will, along with her power to stop time. She also finds it hard to accept her new sister Paige, being as she is "replacing" their beloved sister. But she has finally formed a bond with her baby sister, especially during the months of Phoebe's marrige with Cole. She and Leo are over-joyed at the fact that they will finally be parents.
Phoebe, meanwhile, has lived an amazing year this season, while marrying Cole (Julian McMahon), at first not knowing Cole was possesed with the reincarnated source. She then discovered, after marrying Cole, that she was pregnant, but her baby was falling under the forces of evil, evil that the Seer (Debbi Morgan) helped create. When Phoebe herself became the evil Queen of The Underworld, she aquired abilities of fire-throwing, and source-teleportation(flames). But her bond with her sisters let her defeat Cole. They even destoryed The Seer, who stole Phoebe's baby, the Source's Heir.
Fighting the good fight is a deadly occupation, but one they were born to do.