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The Powers That Be

The Powers That Be~
A catalogue of all the powers seen on the show!











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~When you see Shown By it means who obtains(ed) that power~
Telekinesis (1)
Explanation: The ability to move things with the mind (in sight).
Shown by: Prue, Grams, Phoebe, Melinda, Matthew, Patty (in pregnancy), Cryto, Laserus Demon, and the Siren.
Telekenesis (2)
Explanation: The ability to orb things with the mind.
Shown By: Paige, and The Source.
Temporal Stasis
Explanation: The ability to freeze time.
Shown By: Piper, Patty, Grams (in pregnancy), Leo, Melinda, Cryto, and The Source.
Temporal Haste/Combustion
Explanation: The ability to speed up time, causing things/people/demons to ignite/explode.
Shown By: Piper, and The Source.
Premontions (1)
Explanation: The ability to recieve visions from the past and future.
Shown By: Phoebe, Prue, Patty (in pregnancy), Melinda, Matthew, and Cryto.
Premonitions (2)
Explanation: The ability to astral into the body of the future/past self when recieving a vision from the future/past.
Shown By: Phoebe.
Astral Projection
Explanation: The abilty to cast a non-tangible  "projection" of oneself over vast areas, with the ability to control thoughts.
Shown By: Rex, and Barbus.
Explanation: An ability almost like astral projection, only difference is you can appear simultaneously in two places, tangible, but with no usable powers.
Shown By: Prue, Cryto, and Prue Monkey.
Explanation: Ability to heal other's wounds, but not the dead.
Shown By: Leo, Natalie, Piper, Piper and Leo's baby.
Regeneration (1)(2)
Explanation: (1): The ability to create water (2): The ability to create heat.
Shown By: Leo, Natalie, Piper.
Explanation: The ability to dissolve the body into molecules of light, and travel over vast areas. (Slow teleportation).
Shown By: Leo, Natalie, Darklighters, Piper, and Paige.
Explanation: The ability to move things with the mind that are unable to be seen.
Shown By:  Max.
Explanation: The ability to "conjure" objects out of thin air.
Shown By: Phoebe, handyman, and other victims of "The Woogy Man".
Explanation: The ability to "shimmer" over vast distances. This ability is called shimmering since the person can literally shimmer-disolve into a wavy appearance until fully gone-from area to area.
Shown By: Cole, Demon Suductress, Phoebe, and other various 4th and beyond season demons.
Explanation: The ability to create and or move fire.
Shown By: Aviva, Kali, Phoebe Russell (1924), Litvak, Demonic Judge, The Source, Cole, and Present Phoebe.
Aquakinesis 1
Explanation: The ability to create ice mists.
Shown By: Prue Bowen (1924).
Aquakinesis 2
Explanation: The ability to literally freeze people or objects.
Shown By: Piper.
Aquakinesis 3
Explanation: The ability to control and also shoot balls of water.
Shown By: The Sea Hag.
Explanation: The ability to float/hover, and fly slightly.
Shown By: Phoebe, Dragon Warlock, and Leo.
The Power Of Three:
Explanation: The combined magic and powers of The Charmed Ones.
Shown By: Prue+Piper+Phoebe ~ Piper+Phoebe+Paige.
Explanation: The ability to magically hide someone from evil.
Shown By: Leo, and all Whitelighters.
More Powers Yet To Come!