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Holly Marie Combs Preggers
October 30,  2003 - EOnline- Lia Haberman
Charmed, were sure. 

Holly Marie Combs and longtime boyfriend David Donoho reveal they are expecting their first child together in April in the upcoming issue of TV Guide. 

Combs, who got her big break as Tom Skerritt's daughter on Picket Fences, is best known as sorceress Piper Halliwell on the WB's Charmed. 

Donoho, whos reportedly lived with the thesp since 2001, works as a key grip on the series. 

It's a first child for both. 

Combs was married to fellow actor Bryan Smith from 1993 to 1997 and briefly engaged to civilian Storm Lyndon before they split up in 2000. 

Producers say Combs' real-life pregnancy will be worked into the show in time for February sweeps. But they're keeping mum on Piper's sperm donor. "Who says there is a father?" teased executive producer Brad Kern to TV Guide. 

It's a go-around of sorts for Combs' character, who was happily married to Whitelighter Leo Wyatt and delivered the series' first baby during February sweeps last season before she split with her TV hubby. 
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Cole Departure~Officially Official!
Yes it's finally been decided~Julian McMahon is really leaving the show. His last episode will be "Centennial Charmed", the shows 100th episode. Julian states that he would like to broaded his horizon...hey why don't you just click the Julian link and see for yourself?
*Well Julian, i'm sure most of us are gonna miss you so good luck!


Charmed Celebrates 100th Episode!


A Charmed Speedy Delivery

By Marilyn Beck & Stacy Jenel Smith-New York Daily News

Holly Marie Combs reveals that the pregnancy of her Charmed character is proving to be rather difficult for producers Aaron Spelling and E. Duke Vincent. "They're concerned about showing my character pregnant. They're very old fashioned, from an era where a woman got fired if she looked pregnant on a show. It's fine with me, but to please the producers, we've worked it out so i'll only wear a body suit on six segmants, a few episodes to show me midterm, a few to show me very, very pregnant. " Combs, who expects her character Piper Haliwell to give birth sometime in the February Sweeps, notes that fans are rooting for her. "They were supportive about Piper's marrige to Leo (Brian Krause), and want to see a baby come out. Every now and then, we try and emulate real life, and this is the real, human element." 



The WB's latest entry in the teen sweepstakes is actually building on the ratings of its lead-in, Dawson's Creek, among 18- to 49-year-olds. Charmed cannily plays to adolescent interest in witchcraft (and all-ages interest in tightly clothed young women) by casting Picket Fences' Holly Marie Combs, Melrose Place's Alyssa Milano, and the first lady of the American theater, Lillian Gish -- oh, sorry, Shannen Doherty -- as San Francisco sisters who become witches. But, I hasten to say to Steve Allen and the Parents Television Council, good witches, witches who help people.

Spike-heeled where Buffy is fleet-footed, Charmed is Charlie's Angels with a Ouija board. Like Angels, this newcomer is executive-produced by Aaron Spelling and plays up the stars' separate-but-equal charms. The Halliwell sisters are like superheroes: Prue (Doherty) can move objects telekinetically; Piper (Combs) can momentarily freeze time; Phoebe (Milano) can foresee the immediate future. They live together in a big ramshackle house, fighting warlocks and being catty toward each other.

''You sleaze!'' squeals Combs to Doherty when Shannen sleeps with a guy on a first date; a bit later, after Doherty's Prue has been snappish, Milano remarks, ''You'd think Prue would be mellower -- it's been what, six months?'' Charmed is a bit thin in the plot department; the main things it has going for it are the sisters' pulchritude and the presence of Doherty, who is that rare item: a TV star who succeeds on the strength of her vitriol. Perennially crabby, delivering her lines as if she has contempt for them -- Prue? Shannen? Where does one end and the other begin? -- curt, cranky Doherty gives Charmed its kick.

POWER GALS: Alyssa, Holly Clout Use on Charmed
If the guest stars on "Charmed" are impressive this year, thank Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Combs, who are using their considerable clout to get things the way they want them. The actresses have become producers on their series, and, says Holly, "We're raiding Alyssa's address book for castings, calling all her friends -- calling in lots of favors. For starters, she says, Jamie Pressly will pop up on the Sept. 22 season debut and Sean Patrick Flanery will guest the following week. Why hasn't co-star Rose McGowan gotten a boost to producer? "She's new kid on the block," says Holly of Shannen Doherty's "Charmed" replacement. "She'll have to be there at least four years before she becomes a producer, too." And how has a producer's position changed Milano and Combs' "Charmed" lives? "Not that much," says Holly. "They were always good about listening to our ideas -- except now they have to pretend they're really interested."
Remember the dress Phoebe wore in the episode "Marry-Go-Round"? And the auction it had on EBay? The final bid for it was $3,050.00. The dress was designed by St. Tropez, the full-length gown has an off-the-shoulder neckline, and also features bead and lace on the bodice and train. Wanna own a piece of it? View it? Now you can! The link is down below!
Charmed premiere's Sunday September 22nd, 8 pm, a two-hour premiere!
Guess what??? A Charmed DvD is soon to come!!! I'll update you all more when more 411 comez out on it!
Old News: Actress Shannen Doherty has departed Charmed due to conflicts on the set with fellow actress Alyssa Milano. Officially, Rose McGowan will now take Prue's place in The Power Of Three,  playing Paige, the long-lost half-sister.
Hey guys i know in the beginning this page was really slow, but news and gossip has been coming in left and right! Enjoy it while you can~!~

Charmed Wedding Dress



The Day The Magic Died...and the day a Miracle was Born...
On February 16th, Piper Halliwell will give birth to a healthy, beautiful baby girl...or will she? Piper Halliwell will in fact give birth at the end of a very dramatic episode, but she will be giving birth too a healthy, beautiful baby boy, who which in fact will be named Wyatt Matthew Halliwell!
Is Shannen Doherty Astraling In For A Witchy Reunion?
Not a the moment. Miss Doherty claimed that she would not even make an appearance for one million dollars. People thought she'd appear for the 100th, but sadly know, Doherty would not even take place for a part of the show she created.
Holly Comb's character Piper is having her baby in the February sweeps, but unfortunantly, once again, no appearance by Prue.


SECOND TIME'S NOT 'CHARMED' Spelling asked Thiessen to replace Doherty again -- this time on the WB's ''Charmed''

Did you hear the one about Aaron Spelling recruiting Shannen Doherty's ''Beverly Hills, 90210'' replacement, Tiffani Thiessen, to step in for the exiting Doherty next season on ''Charmed''? Turns out that's no joke. ''Tiffani was our first choice to take over for Shannen -- even before we asked Jennifer [Love Hewitt],'' Spelling tells EW. ''But Tiffani told us she wants to do a half-hour comedy.'' (Alas, NBC didn't pick up her sitcom pilot.)

Since Spelling's big-name choices have taken a pass -- Hewitt likely wants to focus on films.

Sources say that in a recent interview, Holly Marie Combs was interviewed about the crew-clean up of Charmed. Combs was also questioned about the future of Charmed, who in response replied The WB wants Charmed to air for at least a couple of years. True or False? Also, will Holly Marie Combs stay for those couple of years? Yes is her answer. Comb's reply was that she'd definitley stay on with Charmed 'til the end. She feels that there's a bad Karma with people who leave shows which are rising in popularity.
Shannen Doherty is with Julian McMahon, the demon Belthazor, of Charmed! All for now.
Did you know that when Charmed was just beginning, the pilot was aired with a different Phoebe, Lori Rom? Rom left Charmed due to person reasons, and executive producer Aaron Spelling cleverly got Alyssa Milano for the role.

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