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Red's Charmed Site

Here's a chance for you to contribute.


This specific page's use is being taken down, and in it's place and with this design, the Tribute Page shall be created.
Tributes to:
Prudence Halliwell - Prue -
Patricia Halliwell~the Charmed One's mom - Patty -
Penelope Halliwell~Grams - Penny -
Andrew Trudeau~Prue's ex boyfriend, and best friend to her and good friend to Piper and Phoebe - Andy -
At the moment special information that you guys may wanna know is here:
~The Baby's name will be Wyatt Matthew Halliwell-How?
Well, he's gonna be a boy-how i have no clue-and Wyatt is in fact his first name because of his Daddy, because he in-Baby' First Demon-really risked everything for his son, and Matthew is his middle name because Paige also did A LOT of sacrificing.
~Will Shannen Doherty ever make an appearance?
Ya know, i have no idea. I really doubt it, but sources tell me that the Producers-Brad Kern-is planning a special two-hour finale-but why?
~What are the Baby's powers?
If you don't feel like reading spoilers and want a straight forward answer here it is-
Like i said, the baby is a boy, but so far he has shown that he can protect himself with forcefields, and he can also control things with his mind~apparently.
~Is the show going to continue for another season?
I think so, in an interview, Brad Kern mentioned that they're planning a 6th season, but will the two-hour finale influence Charmed's future?(.)
So, more stuff will be posted later, and if you guys have any specific questions, i'll try and answer them-and * them so you can see it's a specific question.
All these questions will share the space of Tributes, until it's completly finished!

This is where you can email me with your thoughts about my site, and what you think i should add. Be specific and what thoughts you have i'll post here. Also, if you have any questions for Charmed, email me, and i'll try and answer your questions by pasteing them here. Any episode questions will go in the Redish box in Episode weekly. Click below to go to Contact Me. Under is a link for questions for the WB11!

Lots of people have emailed me about my site and i wanna say thanks to you guys. I have taken under consideration of some of your ideas, and most of them i've been planning for this site. I'm sorry to say that i cant post all your ideas, and questions, but i can say that for the ideas: you will see some when i weave them into my site-lol. As for questions, i'm posting the ones with the answers. I've kept the names anonymous for now.
Q:" Will Prue ever come back?"
A: I'm sorry but i cant answer that. I hope she does guest-star in some episodes, but i doubt she'll ever really come back>stay tuned to charmed and for more about that though!
Q:" What movies has Rose McGowan starred in?"
A: Some movies she has are "Scream", and "Jawbreaker". I dont really know any others, but if you go to, or any other movie site and type in her name, i'm sure you could find out.
Q: " Does Alyssa Milano have a website?"
A: Yes. Her official site that i know of is
Q: " Does Phoebe get any other powers?"
A: I'm pretty sure she's gonna stick with premonitions and levitation. But you never know...

Q: " Could you tell me what artists were heard on the Charmed-Premiere?"
A: Those artists were Stevie Nicks~"Trouble In Shangri-La, Depeche Mode~"Exciter", and Tantric~"Tantric".
Q: " Does Shannon Doherty-Prue-have a website???"
A: Um...i've never tried to visit any but you could try going to and find out though.

Q: " Do you have like any video clips on this site that we could see? I heard that there was like a season 1, 2, and 3 music video for each."
A: " There are music videos for each, and im trying to put in clips on my site in my spare time-but i really dont have that much time to spare!-Lol-but i know some Angelfire sites have them. I dont know those addresses but go to and click tv and type charmed in the slot and then you can find it!"

****Some of the hottest questions!****:
Q: " Will Phoebe and Cole get married??"
A: " Yes she will. Some people have emailed me saying that they're from a different country and are really behind on the show and wants to know what'll happen. I didn't want to spoil it so i emailed that person the answer, but lots and lots of people started asking the same question, and here's the answer: Yes, Phoebe & Cole get married, but Cole is possesed by The Source.
Q: " Will they ever save Cole?"
A: " No."
Q: " Will Piper really be pregnant, or is something gonna happen to it?"
A: " She's gonna be pregnant."
Q: " Will Cole be in the cast next season?"
A: " Yes."
Q: " Any 411 about the 5th premiere?"
A: " Yep, there's a link in the 5th season page that'll take you to some spoilers.
Q: " Any trailer's out? When will they be available?"
Q: " Is Patty going to appear on Premiere night?"
A: " Yes, along with Jaimie Pressly.."
Q: " Is Phoebe going to stay mermaid? I mean, is this like the show's way of saying Phoebe is leaving the show?"
A: " Oh, lol, no Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) is not leaving the show anytime soon. And no, at the end, Phoebe will turn back into a mermaid. The way how is so sweet-lol."
Q: " Any song links of Charmed?"
A: " If you're asking if i know like a track site for Charmed, then yes i do. Click it-the site itself is awesome!"
Q: " So will Piper have her baby in the finale or anything like that?"
A: " Rumors are that the 100th episode will be about Piper having her baby, but i'm not so sure."
Q: " Remember how in " Morality Bites" they said Piper and Leo were divorced? Well, is anything that revolves around that happen in any episode or season? If an episode, which one?"
A: " I really don't think anything like that will happen. I think Piper will strive to keep that kind of fate of her's and Leo's love from happening. But there is an episode this season where Piper is pregnant, and keeps belching orbs. Amongst that the baby will not let her blow things up, but whenever she tries, maelstroms of flowers, or fireworks will shoot out at the target. When she goes to Leo for help, he is uncaring, and is preoccupied with a charge (whitelighter to be), who was saved from death by Cole. So it's so funny, since the baby acts like a "marrige counsler" and switches Piper and Leos' personalities-like Leo gets Piper's pregnancy symptoms and Piper loses them-and their powers and supernatural jobs are switched. " Siren Song".
Q: " I saw on some site that we'd see some familiar face in like the 3rd or 4th episode....who will be appearing?"
A: " Jennifer Rhodes (Grams), in the upcoming episode, " Happily Ever After".
Q: " Is this the last season of Charmed?"
A: " No, at the moment it is not. For more details check News & Gossip."
Q: " I heard Cole's it true?"
A: "Yes, unfortunatly his role in Charmed is dying out. His last episode may be "Sympathy For The Demon", or "Sam I Am."

Thats all i wanna post for now. If your question didn't get posted, ether i'll post it later, or try and go to, and there should be a page where you can ask questions, and they'll get answered.

I'll update the next week if you don't see your questions..

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